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SenSlip* is the Artificial Foreskin for Circumcised Men by 'Viafin-Atlas'

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Foreskin Restoration

Foreskin Restoration is a very well documented method for recovering the penis and recovering sensitivity.  There is a wealth of information available on the worldwide web which provides information. 

There are many circumcised men who have had so much skin removed by circumcision, that they find it too difficult or too uncomfortable to restore their foreskin.   Many regular users of the SenSlip foreskin, fall into this category. 

Foreskin Restoration can be very successful, for those circumcised men  who are fortunate enough to have sufficient skin there to start with. 

We hope the the information on this website meets your needs.  We are here to help.  Please contact us if you feel that we have missed anything.

The Viafin-Atlas Team

Interactive  Circumcision  Survey  &  Poll

Viafin-Atlas have created a Circumcision Survey and Poll.  The survey is anonymous and takes just a few moments to complete.  The ongoing results can be seen as you vote.  There are questions for women as well as men.  During 2015 the final results will be forwarded to many different government health officials within Europe, Canada and the USA.  Please take part.  To go direct to our Circumcision Survey Page:


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All Non-Medical  Infant Circumcisions Are Permanent & Cause Harm.

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SenSlip* Foreskin

The SenSlip Artificial Foreskin has been manufactured by Viafin-Atlas since 2005.  The SenSlip is designed to help men overcome the lack of sensitivity caused by circumcision.  The lack of a foreskin, allows the glans or head of the penis to become abraided, due to the constant rubbing against clothing.  The longer this is allowed to happen, the less sensitive the penis becomes.  It gets worse with age.  This is now just one of the well established facts, and reported conditions, caused solely by un-necessary circumcision of the infant penis.

The natural foreskin is a simple and effective organ.  The SenSlip foreskin is a simple and effective concept,  for men who have been circumcised.  When worn on a daily basis, penis sensitivity can increase rapidly.  The Senslip should be very comfortable to wear, and for many circumcised men worldwide, it works.

SenSlip* Foreskin - 10 Different Sizes - 4 Different Skin Colours

There are varying degrees of male circumcision.  For the majority of circumcised men, the most sexually sensitive tissue of the specialised skin structure is removed from the penis.  The range of a 'normal' male infant circumcision itself, removes anything from 20% to 80% of the entire penile skin structure.  Circumcision decreases sexual sensitivity by around 75%.  The SenSlip foreskin, can help overcome some of the effects of circumcision.  Viafin-Atlas have supplied over 70,000 SenSlip products to individuals and their partners, to over 60 countries worldwide.

Overcome Circumcision With SenSlip* Foreskin. 

When worn daily,  you can  "See and Feel"  the difference.

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