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Botched Circumcision

When routine circumcision goes wrong, there is no turning back.  Whatever is amputated, has gone forever.  Routine circumcision causes harm every time.  Genital reconstruction surgery can never replace the specialised nerves, mucosal tissue, ridged band and complex structure of the male sexual organs.  Gender re-assignment has been tried many times and history has shown that it does not work.

Life Long Effects of Circumcision

It is well documented, that common reactions experienced by victims of Male and Female Circumcision are:

Depression, Anger, Hopelessness, Parental Revenge, Anti Social Behaviour, Violence & Suicide

Some victims of circumcision, both male and female, experience misery throughout their lives.  There is no reference from the 'supportive'medical authorities, to the long term detrimental effects of circumcision.  This is what some of the 'supportive' medical authorities have to say about infant, non medical, routine circumcision:

" The good news is ......  that if circumcisions are performed with clean, sharp instruments by trained professionals, the procedure itself is  'fairly safe'  and 'simple'.  most circumcisions are performed without  'serious problems'  or complications.  There is the chance that the patient may experience slight pain (like the babies above) bleeding, infection and irritation, but the most likely scenario is discomfort during the healing process"   .....  Common sense says, that this has to be misleading, and even Medical Fraud.

Our society accepts the risks involved, and associated life long damage caused by Infant Non Medical Circumcision.  Viafin-Atlas is opposed to infant Genital Mutilation.  If you have any comments that you think should be published on our websites, please contact us via our 'Contact Us' page.  Please share this page with your friends.

Viafin-Atlas Opposes Infant Genital Mutilation

Please Note:    ........  the Administrators, Advisors, Business People and Doctors who represent the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Centre for Disease Control, UNAIDS and numerous other medical authorities have concluded:

" If non medical Circumcision is practiced correctly on babies, it does no harm whatsoever, and that there might be some health benefits".  These unfounded statements are probably made by committees, not individuals.  Circumcision of baby boys is a big business for those involved.  An excised infant foreskin, is worth around $ 2000 to the cosmetic companies.  Excised infant foreskin material is used for the most advanced facial anti-ageing creams and treatments.

The highest quality studies referenced in theUS National Library of Medicine, say that there is no adverse effect on Sexual Function, Penis Sensitivity, Sexual Sensation or Satisfaction.  Given that this is one of the most respected medical authorities in the world, do we think their findings may be misleading or even fraudulent:

Perhaps, they should see the results below:

Circumcision Disasters

This page shows some images and explanations of just a few of the many Non Medical Infant Circumcision Disasters.  This is the page that the Medical Authorities do not want you to see.  Society has allowed the lives of baby boys to be wrecked through circumcision.  This page explains what some people, can do to a baby.

Non Medical Infant Circumcision & When it Goes Tragically Wrong

Infant Circumcision often goes tragically wrong.  When it does, it carries catastrophic life changing injuries and death.  Circumcision causes harm every time.  The images below show the effects of normal circumcisions, performed on baby boys, by medically trained circumcisers  who were having a bad day.  All of the botched circumcisions could have been avoided by just leaving the baby boys alone.  The babies below were born with normal healthy bodies.  Circumcision and it's results has destroyed their genitalia and their lives, in the name of body modification, culture, fashion and religion. 

What 'Risk' can possibly be 'Acceptable' for a baby boy who has no disease and is completely unable to consent ?  Society and the Law allows this to happen in the modern and civilised world in 2024. 

The Ethics of Infant Male Circumcision (MGM)

The ethics of non medical infant male circumcision are largely avoided by governments and religious authorities in the western world.  The parents rights over rule the rights of the baby. For instance:  In the United Kingdom it is perfectly legal for anyone to carry out a genital mutilation (circumcision) on a baby boy, with the consent of the parents.  This may be true in other modern civilised countries too.  In the United Kingdom where circumcision has become less fashionable, there are still numerous circumcision disasters and deaths caused by circumcision. read that correctly.   Anyone can circumcise a baby boy with no previous experience, medical training or knowledge of the catastrophic risks involved.  You do not have to be British, you can be a tourist.  The Government of the United Kingdom was made aware of the situation twenty years ago.  The Government at the time, and successive Governments, have not legislated against anyone's right to circumcise a baby.  It is the only medical procedure that any member of the public can carry out.  Tattoo and Ear Piercing Artists do not fall into the same category.  They have to be trained and carry on their work with a licence to practice.

Female Circumcision (FGM)

The United Kingdom, along with many other countries has a problem with Female Circumcision.  Female Circumcision and removal of any genital part from a female was condemned by law in 1986.  According to official information provided by British Government in 2020:

> Anyone carrying out a Female Circumcision in the United Kingdom will be subject to a Jail Sentence of up to 14 years.

> About 66,000 British women have been circumcised.  

> A further 24,000 British girls are at risk of being circumcised.

> Since 1986, numerous self appointed circumcisers and genital cutters have been arrested for cutting female genitalia.  Human Rights organisations  and Children's Charities have condemned the practice but ...  SINCE 1986 NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER BEEN PROSECUTED      (UK 2024)

The United Kingdom maintains a very relaxed attitude towards Infant Genital Mutilation.   If you wish to read more about the Uk's problem with regulating Infant Genital Mutilation then please check this link:   

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