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​Some visitors may find some of the contents on this website unpleasant  .......  there are many victims out there .....Viafin-Atlas knows.

On the World Wide Web, there are many websites out there, discussing the effects of male circumcision.  Some of these websites discuss issues regarding circumcision, foreskin restoration and male genital mutilation.  Hopefully, some of the information and links below can provide some support and help, for those people who are affected by circumcision.

Although Viafin-Atlas Ltd. is unable to offer any medical advice, we will try and help where we can.  There are an increasing number of circumcision related news releases and webpages discussing male and female circumcision.  The links below may provide the information that you are looking for.

If you are mentally and physically affected by your circumcision, or just plain sick of being circumcised .... You are NOT alone.  Since 2005 Viafin-Atlas have received thousands of emails from people around the world who have had their fundamental human rights breached, by circumcision.  Many men had differing degrees of circumcision inflicted on them as a baby or as a child, for no medical or logical reason.  Don't be afraid to speak up.  There are organisations out there who can offer specialised help:

April 2015.   We have found a very good discussion blog at the 'drmommas' website.  This site discusses the wider opinions of others regarding infant circumcision and the effects that it has had on the lives of those affected.  Here is the link:

If you are looking for some guidance on restoring your foreskin,  (foreskin restoration) a separate Google search may be required, meanwhile, you can contact the sites below for more information:

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News & Help For Circumcised Men

Welcome to our News & Help page.  Many men are angry with being circumcised as a baby, against their will.  Viafin-Atlas have listed several organisations which can help with Foreskin Restoration and general help.  Please feel free to contribute any information to us, that you think should be included on this page.

Circumcision Support, Foreskin & Human Rights Related Information