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Circumcision Survey - 2021

Thank you for your time whilst visiting this Circumcision Survey Page.

During  2021 there will be hundreds of boys and girls, disfigured and harmed with catastrophic and life changing injuries, caused by unnecessary circumcision.  Others will  undergo gender re-assignment surgery and some will die.  These tragic events have happened in the modern civilized world.  Infant circumcision  will go un-noticed for political, religious, cultural and economic reasons.  Medically unnecessary circumcision is, in itself, a multi million Dollar / Euro / Sterling Pound industry.  

Many respected Medical Authorities worldwide, recognize that infant circumcision for non-medical reasons, is not for the long term benefit of the infant, but for the benefit of those individuals and organisations, that carry out circumcision. This year, the subject of medically unnecessary infant male circumcision, has been debated by many authorities, in Europe, Canada and the USA.  The results of this anonymous, but public Circumcision Survey, will be forwarded to all of the authorities involved.  This Circumcision Survey is also replicated on other websites.  Your input will be gratefully appreciated.

Please see our  Circumcision  &  Circumcision Disaster  pages before completing the Circumcision Survey.  The survey has just eight questions for men and women, and it will only take a few moments to complete.  You can see the global results as you vote on each poll.

Three questions are for men and women, three questions are solely for men, and two questions are solely for women.  The results so far are very interesting !


 Did you know that 76% of circumcised men are not happy with their circumcision ?   Viafin - Atlas survey 2019 - 2023

Question:  No. 1

For Men & Women

Infant Circumcision Opinion Survey -  For Men & Women

This Circumcision Survey will only take a few minutes of your time.  The results from this Circumcision Survey are important.  See the Global Results as you vote on each question. Your opinion is valued. 

The survey is replicated on several websites supported by Viafin-Atlas.

 January 2023 - 35000 people have taken part

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