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Our customers come from all over the world.  They come from different cultures, religions and age groups. About 15 % of our customers are from the partners, of those who have been circumcised as an infant, and have issues with their loss. Where do they come from ?

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Interactive Infant Circumcision Opinion Survey & Poll

Please take part in our interactive survey.  You can see the results already listed as you vote.   The results of this important survey will be forwarded to numerous medical authorities throughout Europe, USA & Canada during 2024

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PayPal has been the preferred payment system for Viafin-Atlas since our launch in 2005.  PayPal have shown that they are the most safe, secure and easiest payment platform for our online sales.  Our orders are always dispatched to your registered PayPal address. 

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Viafin-Atlas try to dispatch orders the day they are received.  Our products are dispatched from Europe in plain and discreet padded envelopes.  Delivery times do vary with public holidays, customs and security etc.  Over 99% of our orders are delivered.  Below is a rough guide to international delivery times.

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Since our formation in 2005, Viafin-Atlas have produced and distributed many tens of thousands of the prosthetic foreskins.  Also known as substitute foreskin and artificial foreskin, the Senslip foreskin has helped many circumcised men.  Viafin-Atlas have operated through web based systems specialising in online sales and distribution.  Viafin-Atlas have been partnered with PayPal and have operated with an online  Business Account since 2005.  PayPal have proved to be a safe, easy and secure way to transact business which has helped Viafin-Atlas to be here.  Today, Viafin-Atlas are the world leaders in the production of substitute or artificial foreskin.  Our products are manufactured on a purpose built production facility near Salisbury in England.

The Foreskin

From 1999 a dedicated program was carried out by FM Research and numerous other respected organisations into the detrimental and negative effects that circumcision causes.  Without doubt, circumcision and it's varying degrees, causes trauma, severe psychological and physical problems throughout a victims life. There seems to be a direct correlation between the amount of penile tissue removed and the degree of suffering experienced by the individual.  Even in 2023, infant circumcision is still not defined, and can include the removal of between 20 - 80 % of the entire specialised skin structure being taken away from the infant penis.  Rarely, is the mutilation questioned.  The baby is not able to voice his opinion.  In adult life circumcised men are becoming more educated and informed about their loss, which none of them consented to.  Sadly the downside effects of circumcision and lack of a foreskin, becomes worse with age.  Viafin-Atlas are testimony to the thousands of men, who have voiced their mutilation privately, through our email system.


Viafin Atlas are resolute in their aim to bring as much information as possible about circumcision to the public.  It is still a taboo subject and although The American AAP, the World Health Organisation and The Council of Europe discuss the abuse caused by male infant circumcision, it still remains acceptable for anyone to circumcise a child themselves.  In the United Kingdom it is the only operation that any member of the public can perform on a child, without a licence or training.  Consequently, penis amputations and death occurs frequently.  The most recent incident involved a non medically trained circumciser, who killed the baby by mistake.  The individual concerned walked free from the Court.   With a circumciser earning upwards of £ 150 - $ 200 - € 240 a time for each mutilation, it is a lucrative business.  An amputated infant foreskin is valued at around £ 2000 - $ 3000 - € 2400 to the cosmetic industry who use the specialised infant skin for use in day to day cosmetics.  The more skin amputated, the more it is worth.  Until the law is dramatically changed in Europe, the USA, and Canada it is unlikely that neonates and Infants will have the right to remain in possession of their own body parts.  Viafin-Atlas is striving to change this.

Non Medical Infant Circumcision is a useless, permanent and harmful procedure every time.  Circumcision of an infant for non-medical reasons, is a complete violation of his right, to his own body.

All About Viafin-Atlas Ltd.  (Formerly FM Research)

Viafin-Atlas is Opposed to Infant Circumcision

Over recent years, much research has been carried out into the detrimental effects of Infant non medical male circumcision.  FM Research was formed in 1999 to look for ways to relieve the effects  that are experienced by the amputation of the infant foreskin.  In 2005 Viafin-Atlas Ltd. was formed.

Circumcision Causes Harm Every Time

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In addition to our custom, hand-crafted TimePiece originals, we are an authorized dealer for: Cartier, Movado, TAG Heuer, Luminox, Oris, Swiss Army, Mido, Tissot, Armani, Breitling, Bulgari, and a clock dealer for Chelsea Clocks. 

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The TimePiece Co. was founded in 1887 by Charles Xavier as a small repair shop with a few hand-crafted clocks and pocket watches for sale. Xavier passed his trade down to his three sons, and them to their sons, and them to their sons and daughters, and so on. 

Now, more than 100 years later, we are still located in downtown Any Town, and the business is now owned by Charles Xavier’s great, great, great granddaughter.

Members of the American Watch and Clockmakers Institute and the local chapter of the Watch and Clockmakers Association.

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