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During 2018, The Council of Europe will be staging several discussions regarding the law surrounding infant male non - medical circumcision.  It may become illegal in Europe to circumcise another male human without his consent.  Please contribute to the community and visit our circumcision survey  (men & women) .  The results so far, are quite surprising.  You can see the results of others who have voted, by voting yourself, on each Poll.  The results of the circumcision survey will be forwarded to numerous Health Authorities in Europe, Canada and the USA, at some stage in 2024.   Go direct to the CIRCUMCISION SURVEY   CLICK  HER

Did You Know 

The Population of the USA  -  About 314 Million People

The Population of Canada  - About 35 Million People

The Population of Russia  -  About 144 Million People

The Population of Europe  -  About 740 Million People

(Ref:  Wikipedia 2014)

In Europe and Russia less than 3 % of the adult male population are circumcised.  It is not an issue. That natural foreskin is recognized as complex and necessary part of the penis.   Circumcision is regarded as an amputation or disfigurement. This equates to 97 % of the male population having a foreskin, and very few men are complaining about having their own foreskin intact.  Some forecasts predict that the 3 % circumcision rate in Europe and Russia will dramatically fall.   In Scandinavia, (Norway, Denmark, Sweden & Finland) circumcision of males is less than 1%.  They are are the countries, that appear to be leading the way with making, non medical infant circumcision illegal, for all the right reasons.  One infant death, and one infant penis amputation is too much.  HIV/AIDS is not even a considered or relevant factor.  There is no medical evidence anywhere, in any of the European countries that associates the causes of HIV/AIDS with males having a natural foreskin .

In the USA there are several medical authorities trying to promote non medical  infant male circumcision.  Non medical circumcision of Infants worldwide is a multi billion dollar industry.  At $ 100 - $ 400 for an infant circumcision:  circumcisers' careers depend on it.  There are many medical authorities with structured strategies to protect that.  The infant foreskin aftermarket allows hospitals, doctors, medical clinics and cosmetic companies, to benefit in a booming market place.

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