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​Some visitors may find some of the contents on this website unpleasant  .......  there are many victims out there .....Viafin-Atlas knows.

On the World Wide Web, there are many websites out there, discussing the effects of male circumcision.  Some of these websites discuss issues regarding circumcision, foreskin restoration and male genital mutilation.  Hopefully, some of the information and links below can provide some support and help, for those people who are affected by circumcision.

Although Viafin-Atlas Ltd. is unable to offer any medical advice, we will try and help where we can.  There are an increasing number of circumcision related news releases and webpages discussing male and female circumcision.  The links below may provide the information that you are looking for.

If you are mentally and physically affected by your circumcision, or just plain sick of being circumcised .... You are NOT alone.  Since 2005 Viafin-Atlas have received thousands of emails from people around the world who have had their fundamental human rights breached, by circumcision.  Many men had differing degrees of circumcision inflicted on them as a baby or as a child, for no medical or logical reason.  Don't be afraid to speak up.  There are organisations out there who can offer specialised help:

April 2015.   We have found a very good discussion blog at the 'drmommas' website.  This site discusses the wider opinions of others regarding infant circumcision and the effects that it has had on the lives of those affected.  Here is the link:

If you are looking for some guidance on restoring your foreskin,  (foreskin restoration) a separate Google search may be required, meanwhile, you can contact the sites below for more information:

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Instructions, News & Help For Circumcised Men

Welcome to our News & Help page.  Many men are angry with being circumcised as a baby, against their will.  Viafin-Atlas have listed several organisations which can help with Foreskin Restoration and general help.  Please feel free to contribute any information to us, that you think should be included on this page.

Circumcision Support, Foreskin & Human Rights Related Information


                                                         SenSlip* Fitting Guide  (Instructions)

      The SenSlip* package is re-usable and can be used for storage. To Start: You will  need to be clean, dry and  have some

      talcum powder to hand. 

      If this is the first time you have used the SenSlip*  undergarment, you may need to take a little extra time to make sure that

      you are getting the best and most comfortable results.

      When worn correctly the  SenSlip*  should be of the utmost comfort. It is a tube constructed from pre-vulcanized latex.

      When fitted  the tube, becomes a double layer covering the glans. These layers are breathable. You will see that the SenSlip*

      has an ‘upside’ or ‘front’ and an ‘underside’ or ‘back’.

      To determine this there is a small bridge at the narrowest point molded into the product. This is on the underside or back of the              SenSlip*and will, when fitted, cover the underside of the glans. The upside or front has a slightly longer length at the ribbed

      end to cover the base of the flaccid penis. With the use of talcum powder with the SenSlip*  gently stretch open the portion of

      the SenSlip* which is to be fitted to the glans and pull it towards you to cover the entire glans. You will see that the main body

      of the SenSlip* is now hanging forward of the penis. With the main body of theSenSlip* gently roll or pull it back so that the                surface is in contact with the shaft of the penis. This may take several attempts but it will become second nature.

      The glans should now be covered with the double layer of theSenSlip undergarment. “ take your time to get it right ”

      You may need to adjust the amount of 'overhang’ or adjust the length of theSenSlip*  to fit the penis.


      It is recommended that you do not do this to start with but leave it for a while until you are more familiar with the feel of the

      product. When you are ready to make any adjustments to the length of the SenSlip*  you can follow the pattern at the end

      (ribbed end) with a sharp pair of scissors to achieve the correct length. It is strongly recommended that you wear the SenSlip

      for just a few hours a day to start with. When you become more familiar with the product you will want to wear it all day.

      The SenSlip* should be a ‘snug ’fit but never too tight. The SenSlip* is designed to stay on the penis all day, you may

      find the need to make minor adjustments to it when visiting the bathroom. Looking after Your SenSlip*  To obtain the maximum              benefit from your SenSlip* undergarment, please observe these important points:

        1) The SenSlip* undergarment should only be worn during your conscious hours. It should not be worn whilst asleep.

        2) The SenSlip* is a very flexible undergarment. If an erection is experienced there will be enough expansion in theSenSlip*.

        If for  any reason discomfort is experienced at any time, the SenSlip*  should be removed.

        3) When wearing the SenSlip*, ensure that it does not get wet. If you are about to engage in any bathing or water sports, the                SenSlip*  should be removed. If it does become wet or damp, remove it and allow it to dry. When dry, use talcum

        powder to keep it soft.

        4) TheSenSlip*has been designed as an undergarment. It is not recommended that you use it as a sexual aid or toy.

        Damage to the product may occur.

        5) Wash the SenSlip*  undergarment by hand in warm water with a small amount of detergent. Rinse and then dry the SenSlip*

        in a  warm place overnight. When dry, use talcum powder to soften.

        6) Be careful to not overstretch the SenSlip when fitting or removing. The life of the SenSlip*  can be greatly increased by

        treating it with care. Do not let the SenSlip come into contact with any oil based lubricants or ointments.

        7) Do not use the  SenSlip* if you have any open flesh wounds or sores and never insert the SenSlip*  into any part of the body.​

        8)  Do not use this product with any oil based lubricants.  You can use silicon lubricants.  Remember - oil based lubricants will                rapidly damage the SenSlip*.

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A circumcised penis with the SenSlip Product fitted.