Penis Circumference or Girth


        SenSlip Size


      2. 13/16"  (71mm)  -  2. 15/16"  (75mm)

        Size 2


      3"   (76mm)  -  3. 1/8"  (80mm)

        Size 3


      3. 3/16"  (81mm)  -  3. 3/8"  (86mm)

        Size 4

      3. 7/16"  (87mm)  -  3. 11/16"  (93mm)

        Size 5

      3. 11/16"  (94mm)  -  3. 15/16"  (100mm)

        Size 6


      4"  (101mm)  -  4. 1/4"  (108mm)

        Size 7

      4. 5/16"  (109mm)  -  4. 9/16"  (116mm)

        Size 8

      4. 5/8"  (117mm)  -  4. 15/16"  (125mm)

        Size 9

      4. 15/16"  (126mm)  -  5. 1/4"  (133mm)

        Size 10

      5. 1/4"  (134mm)  -  5. 1/2"  (139mm)

        Size 11


Below is a list of Senslip sizes available:  Find your measurement within the 'Girth' or 'Circumference' ranges, and then note the size it corresponds to.

Example:  You measure your penis girth to be 3 3/4 inches (83 mm)...this corresponds to a: Size 4SenSlip*Foreskin

If you order theTrial Size Pack  (recommended) then you will receive the Size 4, the size below and the two sizes above: ie:  (Sizes 3,4,5 & 6)  

Finding the correct size for your SenSlip* Foreskin  is easy, but take your time !  

Finding the correct size is easy.  The penis is measured at the mid point of the penile shaft (half way along the shaft).  The measurement is best carried out whilst standing up.  We recommend that you use a clean piece of paper cut to about half an inch (20mm) in width. Alternatively, use a piece of ribbon.  Wrap the piece of paper or ribbon around the penis and then mark with a pen.  You can use a ruler or tape measure to measure the ribbon or piece of paper.  When you have completed this, wait for a minute or two and then do it again. The length of the penis is NOT required.  (The length of the Senslip foreskin is adjustable)

To find the correct size for your SenSlip Foreskin:  

Measure the 'Girth' or 'Circumference'

Take your time to get it right

....  it's easy !

Size & Colour Chart for your SenSlip Foreskin

We need to know the 'Girth' or 'Circumference' of the flaccid (not erect) penis, before you order the   SenSlip* Foreskin

SenSlip*Foreskin   -  Size Chart & Colour Selection

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              For Very Light Coloured Skin

Light Pink

Dark Pink

Mid Brown

Near Black

Viafin-Atlas have four different colour shades for the  SenSlip* Foreskin 

The exact colours are unable to be shown due to colour re-production on your computer monitor.  The colours here, are a rough guide.  There will never be a perfect match between your skin tone and that of the SenSlip colour selected.  By selecting your chosen colour on the 'Sales' page, You Agree that the chosen colour cannot be exchanged for a different colour after an order has been confirmed and dispatched by us.

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