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SenSlip Foreskin - Feedback & Testimonials

Welcome to our Testimonials and Feedback page.  Written below are just a few comments from some of our Customers who have purchased and used the SenSlip Foreskin.  Since 2005, we have supplied over 300,000 SenSlip Foreskin products to just about everywhere in the world.  Our biggest customer country is the United States of America.  Our SenSlip customers come from all walks of life, cultures and age groups.  Whilst we do appreciate that the SenSlip Foreskin does not suit every circumcised man, we do have customers from all over the world that have been wearing them every day for many years.  (...... some of those regular users have reported that they can make each SenSlip Foreskin last for three weeks and more). 

From:  Frank..August 2023

Good Evening: Your Senslip product has changed my (sex) life, it's given me new and exciting sensations, that I'd either forgotten about, or never had. The following comments, may be NSFW, but we're talking about our genitals here, so.... I'm a 55 year male, circumcised at birth, like most males in the USA, in my generation. Wearing the Senslip, even a short amount of time, only a month has made drastic changes in everything sexual related to my penis. Even masturbation, the least enjoyable of sexual relations, is a whole different ballgame. Blowjobs, are outstanding, beyond explanation. It was a struggle for me to climax previously with oral, now I have to stop my GF, soon after she starts one, or I'd never make it to the main event. And now she loves giving them, because of the sounds that come out of me, how my body reacts when I'm receiving them. Sex is also very different, in the best possible way. For various reasons, I wasn't always able to climax, never lost my erection, just never able to get over the edge. Now, I'm able to "ride the wave", teetering on the edge, and almost coming whenever I want to. Because I'm so sensitive, I can ease back, or plunge forward as needed, hence me "riding the wave", jumping over when I want, or pulling back, if I'm not ready. I could go on and on, but I won't. But a couple more things.... You talk about a learning curve, it's not, it's more of a learning around the block. In the beginning, I tried and tried to put one on, failed and threw it in a drawer. I just put on a 'Manhood' for the day. Because I'm stubborn, tried again, and again. Out of luck, I read a post on Reddit, a guy used some KY lube, and success. A better explanation, or a video, would sell more of your product. Not everyone is as stubborn as I, and would give up and be mad about wasting money on Senslip. And you guys are aces on under promising and over delivering, I'm getting at least 30 days per use. When they get stretched out, or have a hole in them, I wear them at night, until they're completely broken down. I originally ordered 10 back in July (I think), I still have 2 unopened. Admittedly, the Manhood have been sharing the load, but I'm wearing your product 80% of the time. And covered 90% of a 24 hour day, I'm uncovered 2 sleep nights a week, they give my GF, the willies. LOL. Some dude needs to make a video on installation. I'd volunteer, but I'm not sure I know how. A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a miilion. And you'd double your product sales. Think about the Baby Boomers in the USA, they're all my age, and your product is making me feel like I'm going through puberty again. I'm only half kidding when I ask, are you selling stock? Maybe your guys are sufficiently wealthy and don't need to see anymore units, but with some correct marketing, you could. Thanks again, and sincerely, Frank


From:  S.K. Dublin.....  "I have been wearing the SenSlip Artificial Foreskin for about two weeks, and I can feel and see the difference"

From:  J.R.D. Denver USA .......  "Wow, thank you for a quick response, great product, great service.  The improved version is much easier to fit"

From:  J.M.  Capetown SA .......  " I am now into my third pack of SenSlips and I am truly impressed.  So is the wife"

From:  R.R.  Washington  USA ........ " Your Company has changed my life and that of my wife. I wear the prosthetic slips every day.  After reading the good points and the bad points about the slips, I did persevere with them and I have gotten so use to them, I don't like to take them off.  Foreskin Restoration did not work for me due to numerous minor corrective surgery operations and I am very pleased with your products."

From:  T.N.  Kent UK  ........ "It works for me. This is the first time in years that I can actually enjoy myself in the bedroom.  I am getting more of the sensitivity back, that I used to have years ago."

From:  T.W.  New York  USA ......  "After the initial novelty of wearing a foreskin for the first time, I am pleased to say that after just eight days I can feel the difference.  I know this because toady is the first day out of nine when I did not have time to put the senslip on and I feel very exposed without it. Over all, so far, so good"

From:  R.J.  Cambridge UK ......  "First of all, thank you for your great invention.  I am 70 years and have deeply regretted being circumcised.  I have found the greatest benefit to psychological.  It makes me feel safe and more confident"

From:  M.W. Texas  USA  .......  "Thanks again for your wonderful product.  I can tell a definite change in the texture and sensitivity of my glans"

To see more feedback and testimonials, please visit Ebay.  Type in SenSlip and the click on "Feedback". 

Feedback & Testimonials - SenSlip Foreskin

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